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  • Minimum Order of 6. Priced per half dozen. _______________________________________ *German Chocolate Cupcake – Chocolate Cake topped with a blend of…
    Yellow or chocolate cupcake with white icing and assorted Baby Sugars on top.
    Cupcake decorated for Easter with green coconut, jelly beans and a basket handle. This product is only available until Easter…
    Traditional German Style Berliners with either raspberry jam or apricot jam.
    Yeast dough with Bavarian cream filling and Almonds & Honey on top (price per piece)
    Buttercookie with white fondant icing, dipped into chocolate.
    Yellow or chocolate cupcake with white icing and pink ribbon shaped sprinkles.
    Yellow or chocolate cupcake topped with a single rose or white daisy.


    Topped with fondant icing and nuts, sprinkles, chocolate chips or plain.
    A butterfly-shaped vanilla buttercookie (priced per piece). Approximately 3″. Need at least one week’s notice. Minimum order of 12.
    Vanilla buttercookie decorated as our Nation’s Capitol Building (priced per piece). Approximately 5″. Need at least one week’s notice. Minimum…
    With raisins & nuts and cream cheese icing.





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