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Fruit Charlotte

Yellow cake with custard-whipped cream filling, fresh fruit on top covered by a light glaze and lady fingers around the sides. Not available in 6" or 8".

Fruit Flan

Bavarian cream and fresh fruit in a buttery tart shell crust. 8"

German Chocolate

Light German chocolate cake frosted and filled with a blend of coconut, nuts and creamy chocolate.

Hazelnut Torte

Light cake with ground hazelnuts and cinnamon, hazelnut buttercream icing, covered with nuts.

Heidelberg Torte

Our house specialty! European style almond sponge cake with chocolate chips baked in, raspberry jam filling, chocolate buttercream icing, covered with chocolate shavings.

Kase Sahne

Yellow cake with raspberry filling and a light, fluffy blend of whipped cream, lemon and cream cheese frosting. Available in 8" size cakes and larger.

Lemon Cake

Light and delicious. Yellow cake with lemon flavor and lemon buttercream icing. Decorated with candied lemon halves around the top edge.

Lemon Mousse

A yellow cake with lemon mousse. Not available in 6" size.

Mocha Cake

Chocolate cake with mocha (coffee flavored) buttercream icing, decorated with chocolate shavings and mocha beans.

Obst Torte

Two layers of yellow pound cake with two layers of custard filling, topped by an assortment of fresh fruit, covered with a light glaze, sliced almonds on the sides. Not available in 6" or 8".