St. Patrick's Day

Chocolate Gold Coins

Chocolate Gold Coins. Price per lb.

Chocolate Truffles

We have a big assortment of assorted Chocolate boxes and bags filled with Chocolate truffles. These items are unique and limited. Please come in the store and make your selection early! Prices vary.

Cookies, assorted, with green decoration

Assorted vanilla and chocolate buttercookies with green decoration. Price per lb.

Cupcakes with green Sprinkles

Yellow or chocolate Cake with vanilla icing and green Sprinkles.

Decorated Cakes and French Pastry Slices

We have a big selection of decorated Cakes and French Pastry Slices. Please come in the shop and make your selection. Prices from $3.25 & up.

Green Bagels

Plain bagel, colored green!

Green Buttertop Bread

Classic buttertop bread, colored green. 1lb Loaf.

Green Iced Donuts

Cake or Raised Donuts, green iced.

Irish Soda Bread

Wheat flour, buttermilk, eggs, raisins,sugar, vegetable shortening, baking soda, caraway seeds

Irish Whiskey Turk Cake

Yellow Cake with a hint of Whiskey flavor and green icing. Delicious!