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Mini Pastries

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    Topped with fondant icing and sprinkles, chocolate chips or plain. Mini brownies are ordered in multiples of 4.
    Strawberries, dipped in dark, milk or white chocolate. Weight may vary. 1lb.
    Mini Cream Puff
    Plain Butter Mini Croissants. Ordered by the dozen.
    Lemon, Chocolate, Almond or Raspberry filling. Ordered in multiples of 3.
    Perfect for meetings. Available in all our regular flavors. Order one day in advance in multiples of 3.
    Mini Eclair: Eclair shell with a custard cream filling and topped with a chocolate fondant.
    Mini Fruit Tart: A butter crust, custard cream filling and topped with fresh fruit.
    Fillings: Lemon, Strawberry or Chocolate.
    Mini Napoleon: Puff pastry layers filled with custard cream and topped with a white fondant. Minimum order of 12.
    A square of yellow cake with orange buttercream filling, a layer of marzipan, then dipped in fondant.
    Priced per 1lb. Cream cheese dough with a filling of cinnamon-raisins & nuts or raspberry jam. Common misspellings: rugla, roogala,…