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Rosh Hashanah

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A deep-dish apple pie with caramel and nuts. 9 inches.
Apple Pie

Apple Pie

A deep-dish pie filled with plump, fresh apples. 9 inches.
Assortment of Diamonds and Rugulah. Small: 2lb on a 12″ tray, Large: 4lb on an 18″ tray. Shown as a…
Crown Challah

Crown Challah

Rich braided bread – Contains white flour (wheat and barley), butter, milk, eggs, yeast, salt and sugar. Your choice of…
Crown Challah with raisins

Crown Challah with raisins

Rich braided bread; white flour (wheat and barley), butter, milk, eggs, raisins, yeast, salt and sugar. 1lb or 2lb available.
Honey Cake

Honey Cake

Made with white rye flour, brown sugar, local Viriginia honey, spices and nuts.
Macaroons Almond. Priced per bag. Approximately 1/2 lb.
Macaroons Chocolate. Priced by the bag. Approximately 1/2 lb.
Macaroons Coconut Chocolate Drizzled. Priced by the package.
Priced per 1lb. Cream cheese dough with a filling of cinnamon-raisins & nuts or raspberry jam. Common misspellings: rugla, roogala,…
Strudel with puffed pastry crust available in apple raisin, cherry cheese, apricot, marzipan and poppyseed. Reserve yours today!
Apple almond strudel with pie crust.