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Yeast dough with Bavarian cream filling and Almonds & Honey on top (price per piece)
Dark chocolate cake with cherry brandy, filled with one layer of cherries and one layer of whipped cream, covered in…


Classic German white roll. Oval in shape, crusty, soft inside. We use the regular size with our Wursts! Mini size…
German Potato Salad. 1 lb.
Oval-shaped soft pretzel roll with salt on top. Mini Size also available. Mini size are circular in shape. Picture shows…
Classic soft pretzel with salt on top.
2lb soft pretzel with salt on top.
Mini French Pastry Tray. Assortment of Mini Eclairs, Mini Cream Puffs, Mini Fruit Tarts, Mini Mousse Cups. Small: 20 pieces…
Multigrain roll with sunflower seeds, crushed hazelnuts and linseeds on the outside. Mini Size also available. Picture shows regular/large size.
Bratwurst, Brotchen, Sauerkraut, German Potato Salad and a slice of Strudel. Let us know if you want us to warm…
2lb Laugen Pretzel filled with Ham, Gelbwurst, Ham Bologna, Salami, Muenster Cheese, Butter and Mustard. 8-12 servings.
Perfect bite-sized treats. Small Tray comes with 10 Petit Fours and 12 mini brownies. Large Tray comes with 20 Petit…


Black Forest Cake

Black Forest Cake