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Round, crusty, white roll that is soft inside. Your choice of plain, poppy seeds or sesame seeds on top.  Picture…
Original Austrian Kornspitz! Wheat meal, rye meal, wheat bran, soy, flax seeds, malt, toasted rye, wheat flour, salt, fennel, caraway…
Laugen Brotchen

Laugen Brotchen

Oval-shaped soft pretzel roll with salt on top. Mini Size also available. Mini size are circular in shape. Picture shows…
Classic soft pretzel with salt on top.
2lb soft pretzel with salt on top.
Multigrain roll with sunflower seeds, crushed hazelnuts and linseeds on the outside.
Parkerhouse Roll

Parkerhouse Roll

Square, folded-over before baked, so it is easy to open; soft, buttery yeast roll. Regular size sold in multiples of…
Party Loaves

Party Loaves

Sourdough White, Jewish Rye, Sourdough Rye, or Pumpernickel.
Pate Bread

Pate Bread

Long thin rounds perfect for dipping. Sourdough White or Pumpernickel – 1″ diameter
Crescent shaped white roll with poppy seeds on top. Ordered in multiples of 6.
Long, white roll with salt and caraway seeds on top.
Whole wheat roll with sunflower seeds.