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No Minimum Order Necessary. Available Daily *Black Forest Cupcake – Chocolate Cake topped with chocolate buttercream and cherries. *Carrot Cupcake…
Yellow or chocolate cupcake with vanilla icing and green Sprinkles.
Available in increments of 12. Works best for a face close-up or logo. Bring in your picture or e-mail it…


Choose from our standard selection of buttercrumb, cheese, almond, raisin, chocolate chip, coconut, cherry, apple, lemon, blueberry, apricot, strawberry and…
Perfect for meetings. Available in all our regular flavors. Order one day in advance.
A plaque-shaped vanilla buttercookie with white icing and decorated with small roses. Approximately 5″. Need at least one week’s notice.…


1lb. Puff dough with a filling of apricot, cheese or raspberry.
Vanilla buttercookie with icing and decorated as a green dinosaur (price per piece). Approximately 3″. Need at least one week’s…
Choose from a variety of toppings.
Choose from a variety of flavors.
Available in a variety of toppings including honey glaze, granulated sugar, vanilla, chocolate or maple icing and more.


Eclair shell with a custard cream filling and topped with a chocolate fondant.